Monday, 5 May 2008

North Somerset Show

All went very well. Mike helped me to load up the alpacas going to the show and it only took about an hour and twenty minutes to get there.

The show was very well attended and there was plenty of interest from the general public who came to watch the judging of llamas and alpacas and talk to the breeders competing.

I met up with Lynsey Skinner of Dreamfield Alpacas and her friend Camilla. My friends Pauline and Pete came along.

Our part of the world did very well as three of Lynsey's alpacas gained places including a first and reserve champion.

Laurel Farm also had an excellent result with Laurel's Lady Emilia winning a 2nd place and Laurel's Don Pedro won his class and was show Champion.

Another friend, Paul, took photos and I hope to put them on the blog in a day or two.

Mike had a busy day and although very pleased at our show results, was gutted when I got home as my border collie, Millie, had gone missing. He had searched high and low and checked everywhere she might have accidently been shut in.

We let the alpacas out of the trailer and I went in search. We decided to have one more look and then call the police - then, of course, she turned up. I went down to the bottom paddocks and called her and she happily trotted out from between the hedge and ditch and was really pleased to see me. Mike was so relieved I thought he was going to collapse. Millie was completely oblivious to the worry she had caused and had probably been having a whale of a time and either could not hear Mike calling or was too absorbed to notice.

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