Friday, 18 July 2014

Nicko is a proper bloke!!

The female alpacas and their cria spend quite a lot of time in the barn and we are pleased that they feel so at home in there whether the cat, dogs or chickens are about or not.  The downside is that, although they do not soil inside the barn, they use the entrance as a midden, which is not quite so nice. We are trying to find a solution without discouraging their love of the barn!!

One morning when I looked out of our bedroom window at about 6.30 a.m. I saw Nicko, now three weeks old, come out on his own, relieve himself, have a good old stretch and go back into the barn.  I thought it was amusing, but was surprised to find that he does the same most mornings.  I don't know what he does when he goes back into the barn - probably wakes his Mum up so he can have breakfast!!

Mike and Nick are continuing with the fencing and have nearly finished the paddock at the back of the house.   At the same time they are shutting off an area by the back door so that we can let the dogs wander outside when we are out and to prevent them disappearing for half an hour when we let them out last thing at night.   Millie, our old bitch, is the worst.   She is a bit deaf (she says) and it can be very frustrating when we want to go to bed if she decides to go on one of her walkabouts.

The old kennel in the photo was given to us by our friend, Lindsay, some years ago and is very popular.   The dogs all take turns to use it as a retreat or to get some shade.  I am waiting for Mike to power wash it so that I can give it a lick of  Ronseal and restore it to its former glory.

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