Saturday, 12 July 2014

Day out for the boys

We do not go to Alpaca shows anymore but we sometimes take young male alpacas to fetes and street fairs partly to promote the business and sell our alpaca wares but also to give them life experience.  Males who are not kept for stud use often go to so called "pet homes" where they may meet children and experience all sorts of things that they would not experience if they were being kept for breeding on a farm.

They are used to visitors at ours  and also our five dogs and the cat, but taking them to events prepares them for all eventualities and means that they also get used to being loaded in the horse box.  Venues are not normally grazed by other animals and they will not meet other alpacas, so there are few health hazards for them.  Like a well socialized dog, they will be less worried by new events in the future.

As usual I took my camera but forgot to take any photos until everyone had started to pack up.  

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