Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Fencing Report


Mike and Nick are still beavering away at the fencing and it is looking really good.   The sunken garden is now safe without the use of hurdles to stop grazing alpacas falling into it!!

I have been playing with my new toy - a cordless strimmer.  It is very light and after mowing the edges to the drive I was able to slash the long grass along the fence so that it is starting to look quite smart.  Certainly beats the shears!!  Mike and Nick use a heavy petrol driven strimmer, which I think would probably be too big for me.

The female alpacas are spending a lot of time in the barn at the moment as it is cool in there.   Sometimes they pop out for a quick dunk in the old galvanized trough which is just outside.   The males are in the winter paddocks where there is a spring which feeds a small pond, so with that and all the overhanging branches from the woods next door they are sorted too.

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