Friday, 25 July 2014

Battling the Buttercups

We try not to use weedkiller so it is lucky that Mike is never happier than when he is trundling around on his old Fordson tractor (another project) with the topper.   My theory is that, like a domestic lawn, if you mow it often enough the weeds will gradually go.  Today he is topping the last of the paddocks where we have a problem with buttercups.  It is the third time they have been done and so we are hoping that next year they will be a little less of a problem and if we catch them early we might see quite an improvement.

It has worked with the Himalayan Balsam.  Mike and I always try to pull it all up but it was a mammoth job.  Last year our friends Elaine and Clive stayed for the weekend and helped with lots of jobs including pulling up the attractive but unruly HB.  We have seen the benefit this year with smaller areas.  Let's hope that next year will be even better as we have pulled up all the plants that we can both see and reach.

I am not sure if the hens wanted to go for a walk, but Millie and Dolly obviously thought they needed some exercise!!

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