Saturday, 25 January 2014

Unusual pronking!!

Cria (juvenile alpacas) can often be seen pronking at dawn and dusk.  This usually starts off with one youngster pronking (similar to a canter in a horse) and is quickly joined by one or two and usually then all the youngsters in the herd.  They go at a considerable speed and obviously enjoy themselves.   It is probably to exercise their limbs as much as anything but it looks like really good fun.

I cannot remember seeing adult alpacas doing this.   They gallop if they are running away from trouble or to food but do not pronk!!  Yesterday, however, first the adult females in one field and then the adult and yearling males in the adjoining field decided to have a pronking session!!  It was lovely to see and it is nice to know that even adult livestock have childish impulses.  I can only think that they got the wind (quite blustery) under their tails!!

This afternoon there was a sudden blast of wind which is probably the pre-cursor of the forecast gales and the whole herd galloped up from the bottom of the field and seemed relieved when we ushered them into the barn or their shelter.  Obviously a more serious form of exercise and not for fun either!!

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