Thursday, 16 January 2014

Alpaca Vaccinations

Time for the alpacas routine vaccinations.   They have been grazing outside during the day for a few hours to give them a chance to stretch their legs and to give us a chance to muck out.  To help prevent infection it is advisable to give any sort of injection when the skin and fleece is dry (unless of course it is an emergency).
With the sudden showers and  heavy downpours it has been difficult to find a time when the alpacas are dry and it is convenient for us to carry out this procedure.

This morning I decided that it could not be left any longer and so instead of releasing the females to graze outside I first caught them one by one in a small enclosure and vaccinated them and our four Gotland ewes.

When we redo the fencing we will be creating permanent handling areas to carry out routine husbandry, so it is quite useful to try out different scenarios with temporary penning in the meantime.  I carried out the vaccinations whilst Mike filled the syringes and kept the gates secure from possible escapees.

Tomorrow we will treat the males and then all the husbandry is up to date for a while.

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