Friday 24 January 2014

Hay Ho Hay Ho It's Off to work we go!

We left it as long as possible before ordering more hay and straw for the alpacas in the hope that we could pick a dry day and one when Nick was here to help.  The hay loft is wonderful but high so we have a system between three of us.

Michelle from a neighbouring farm delivered a load of 50 small bales of hay and 10 bales of straw.  She drives a huge tractor and trailer as if it was a mini!!

She threw the bales down and Nick and I piled them on the barn floor.  After Michelle left Nick went up into the hayloft and Mike was below with our tractor.  My job was to load three bales at a time into the tractor bucket for Mike to lift up to Nick in the loft to unload.  It went very smoothly but we were all ready for a break and a cuppa.  The cat took the opportunity to have a cuddle on my lap.

As you can see from the photos, the alpacas just look at it as lunch arriving - it's easy for them!!!

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