Monday, 20 January 2014

Rotten Job

When we first moved on to our 15 acres to farm alpacas it was completely derelict and amongst other things we spent a lot of money on really good stock fencing for our alpacas.   We expected them to last for many years, but this year we are having to demolish a large percentage because they have rotted making them unsafe and/or ineffective.

Our friends, Clive and Elaine, cam to stay for the weekend and put in a lot of work to start the process.  We intend to end up with two fields each split into two so that we can divide males and females.  The small paddocks dividing various classes of alpacas, which we used when our herd was bigger, will disappear.

 It will actually be easier in some ways and we can always erect a new fence here and there if we find the change is too drastic.

We could not have chosen a worse weekend to start the work but they insisted on carrying on despite the wind and the rain.  The pictures show the female alpacas enjoying more unrestricted grazing and Dolly, the dog, supervising Clive's work.

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