Sunday, 22 September 2013


Cedric, the goat shearer, came this afternoon and deftly removed the fleece from our Gotland Sheep and  the last three remaining Angora Goats.

We put them in shelters last night in case of rain.   It is very mild and I think they all seem more lively now they have lost their thick coats.

We have decided to hold another Christmas Market this year and most of the stall holders that we invited back have accepted.  It is on 1st December (the same date as last year but it falls on a Sunday this time).

Pam and I are knitting as much as possible and there will be a few new items to add to the stock which we hope will sell well.   Refreshments will be dispensed from the porch of the house, and provided the weather is kind we hope it will be as successful as last year.

We really are living the good life now.    We have always had one or two mushrooms in August but this year we have had loads and they are still appearing daily.   Presumably it is due to a better summer making the conditions perfect for the tasty fungus.  Mike is the chief mushroom picker and as well as keeping us well supplied he has given bags away to our neighbours, the local farmer who supplies our hay and straw, friends and family from Salisbury.  As always we are enjoying our constant supply of eggs from our free range hens and tonight we are having mushroom omelettes, and  blackberries from around the perimeter of the fields.

We are even considering growing some vegetables but that it is still under discussion at the moment.

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