Monday, 18 February 2013

Farm Life Cheering up

Dolly came home from the Vet on Friday and continues to be the old Dolly we know and love.   Now jumping over fences and chasing around as usual.  I am going to risk a little agility training today, since she has already decided she can jump without any pain.

Now Mike's dog, Jake is the invalid.   He has cut his pad on the scalpings which form the farm tracks, we think.   Some of the stones can be a bit sharp, although this is the first time I can remember any of the dogs actually being injured.   He is feeling very sorry for himself, but is healing very well and there is only a very slight wound left to see.

The weather is lovely at the moment and we have been tempted to put the alpacas out to graze but there is still not much goodness in the grass so we decided to keep them in for a few more weeks.   We hope that when they do eventually go out the grass will be really full of protein and get them back into condition fast.

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