Tuesday, 12 February 2013



We decided to move the sheep out into the race between two paddocks where there is some fresh grass.   They will also have access to Alario's paddock and shelter so the dynamic of the group will not have to change.   We also decided to treat them with Fasinex against Fluke as they are the only livestock living out in the damp/wet conditions at the moment and so are most at risk.

Nick was in today and so he helped me to catch them and drench them with the medication. They are very easy to handle and I am pleased to say, seem to be holding their own with body condition.

Dolly is still on a drip with antibiotics and fluids.  She has had her Xrays and more blood tests and the Vet seems confident that she has pancreatitis.   She is staying in overnight tonight again and her progress will be monitored  and assessed tomorrow.

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