Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Puppy Mayhem

Well the puppies are really lively and noisy now.   I went indoors to make tea for Mike and Nick and by the time I had come back from delivering it one of the pups has escaped from their box.   She must have scaled a puppy bundle.   She was not particularly worried and was busy exploring the kitchen.  Sandy looked on in amazement or fear, I am not sure which.   I quickly returned her to her brothers and sisters and removed the mesh guard now afraid that if they are capable of getting out of the box they could get stuck in the mesh.  It will only be a few more days before their heads are too big, I expect.   I put them all in the puppy pen in the sunshine this morning whilst I was cleaning out their box, so that is another thing to ad to their CV.  Romie was a bit worried but soon settled down to feeding them all when they returned to their nice clean bed.

Mike and Nick are still hedge laying and this afternoon Mike got the JCB running and shifted part of a pile of scalpings we bought.   He is gradually making the catch pens less muddy by making a hard surface.  This will be very welcome, especially if we get any more of the severe weather we have experienced this winter.   The weather is really lovely at the moment and according to the forecast set to last for a while.

I did some halter training and nearly all the weanlings are walking quite respectably now.  One let me down.  I must have tied her up insecurely and she ran off with her leading rope flying behind her.  I had to get Mike to help me catch her.  She settle down and was quite good once she realised she had been caught again.  I will have to be more careful next time.

We now have the shed which is to be the new chicken house.   Mike has just got to get some wood to repair the floor.    The owner of the chickens I have ordered phoned yesterday to find out why we had not collected them.  I had already explained we did not have their house ready, but I don't think he has anyone else interested in them so I expect they will be there when we want them.

We have run out of hay and it is short supply this year.   We have managed to reserve 20 bales but that won't go very far.

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