Sunday, 14 March 2010

Puppy News

The puppies have had lots of visitors this weekend.   Paul and Kate came to chose their puppies on Friday and spent a long time playing with them and taking photos and so on.   Chris came with her two girls to play with them and today one of my dog training friends, Rowena called in on the offchance and was very impressed with Romie and her babies.   Some potential alpaca clients called in by appointment and their two little boys enjoyed cuddling and playing with them and finally Nicky who has six alpacas at livery with us called in with her youngest daughter Sophia as well as her older sister.  They loved the puppies and the new baby alpaca.   So it was a busy time for the babies but they coped well and seemed to enjoy the visits very much.  Romie was a model mum and happily allowed the visitors to handle the puppies and her only intervention was to get a bit of attention herself when she felt the youngsters were getting too much.

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