Saturday, 20 March 2010

Farm News

We have started to take the pups into the garden every time we notice that they have woken up or seem restless and failing that every hour and a half to two hours.  We did not do it before as we were worried about the potential for them getting themselves in a difficult position such as underneath the cabin which is built on block pillarsor under the lorry unit which we use for storage and as a dog kennel.  Mike has blocked as many potential traps as possible with old bricks or wood of various types and so we feel more confident to let them out.  They love it and usually start to pee or poo immediately they get to the grass.   Apart from boding well for future house training it also saves a lot of work inside.   They get very excited when they first get into the garden and soon separate to investigate different areas.   Dolly comes to her name and the others bounce over to the call of pup, pup, puppies.

The main problem arises when trying to put them indoors  again.   One goes in and another comes out.  It is OK if Mike is around but it is a nightmare if I am on my own.

The new cria continues to prosper   She is due for her first vaccination next Thursday.nd

Today has been really horrible and all the routine jobs seem really hard when carried out against cold Easterly winds and driving rain.  Probably the reason we are both a bit dopy this evening.  I am sure it is nothing to do with the Brut Cava we just  downed with our dinner

We were worried when we nearly ran out of hay as it has been in short supply due to the long winter but we managed to source some today and Mike went off with the trailer to collect it.  We have almost decided that we with buy in 200 - 250 bales of hay for next year and prepare a hard standing area to store it on pallets covered in tarpaulin.

We will be glad when spring comes and the alpacas and goats just feed on grass most of the time so we dont have to go round topping up hay every day. We needed some rain but now we have had enough!!

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