Thursday, 25 February 2010

Riding Not For Me

Last time we were in Mole Avon, the local Country Store, we saw an advert for Chickens locally, so I went to have a look at them on Sunday and put down a deposit on 8 Silver Link Hens.     As soon as Mike and Nick can get the new chicken shed up we will be collecting them and adding them to our egg producing flock.   We are also hoping to breed a few more hens as egg layers and to sell on.

Mike and Nick have nearly finished cutting back the hedge and trees on one side of the gate and if only the weather will allow they will soon be working on the other side.   It has really opened up the farm and made it look much more open and friendly.

We are busy clearing out the office and what was the shop as we are going to decorate them and make them more usable.   The old shop will become a general room where I can use the knitting machine (if I ever learn how to), have the sewing machine and Mike can have his gym equipment which gets nearly as much use as the knitting machine at the moment. 

All the animals are doing well including Romies puppies who are becoming quite boysterous and noisy now that their eyes have opened and they are starting to walk.

Two of the alpacas are due to give birth in March/April so we are going to keep them in the barn from tomorrow so that we can be sure that the cria are not born in the cold and wet as they can easily die from hyperthermia at this time of year.

They are really piling into the hay now so we are really looking forward to the grass growing again.    First job every morning rain or shine is to feed chickens, goats, and alpacas spread over five paddocks, all of which are in various stages of disappearing under a sea of mud.    Actually I suppose we are quite lucky really as it is mostly the gateways and walkways which are really bad.   There is still plenty of  drier areas but the dogs have to be hosed down every morning after they have been running around and you can almost see them cringe when they see the hose pipe.

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