Tuesday, 1 September 2009

We're Back

We had a lovely holiday starting off with the KC International Dog Agility Show, then two days at Dogs In Need followed by a week at Dashing Dogs and finishing off with a weekend at Dordale Dog Agility Show.

We were very lucky with the weather and only had one day where there was any significant rainfall and that was conveniently not when we were competing. The electrics on the caravan played up and the portable TV would not work so we had to be careful about saving the battery but otherwise everything went very well. Mike has decided to give up trying to get Jake to wait at the start of his agility runs. It had turned into a battle and was spoiling their fun, so at least for the last week or so they had some good rounds, and one was nearly a clear.

Romie had a seventh place at the KC, 2 firsts two thirds at Dashing dogs and a second at Dordale so she has definitely come good. Unfortunately I seem to get a slight hesitation in the middle of each course and this is enough for her to go the wrong way, so I need to do some serious memory training exercises I think. She seems to have overcome her tendency to knock jumps down which makes it more likely that she will get a clear round and hence a place.

She also met her future soul mate at the Dogs in Need Show and we are hoping she will be covered next time she comes into season. I am hoping for a Romie clone.

The alpacas were all in good form on our return and a new black baby had been born to Bourree.

She was overdue and the day before we went on holiday Tess (the vet) came over and induced her labour. She was born the following morning.

David and Jane manicured the whole herd whilst we were away so apart from some routine stuff there is no backlog of work to be done.

It was a lovely holiday but nice to get home too.

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