Friday, 4 September 2009

Busy Busy

We seem to have been busy ever since we got back from holiday with both pleasure and work.

We took delivery of 90 bales of hay which had to be hefted up into the hay loft, later took three of our boys out to do outside matings, today we tested the whole herd to find out who is pregnant before we go into autumn and winter and we split off some of our females who seem to be underweight and put them into a separate paddock to feed them up and give them extra supplements.

We have also been to our regular agility training session, visited Mike's garage at Wilton, unfortunately missed combining it with seeing Josh our latest grandchild as he was at nursery.

We checked all the cria and sadly found that our latest edition, Tanya, has a hernia. She is going to have her operation on Wednesday. The vet thinks it will be OK as it is still very small and soft, but the sooner it is fixed the better.

We have also been preparing for the Chardstock Street Fayre. We usually take a few alpacas along and sell our jumpers and socks etc: We are hoping for better weather this year as last year it was a wash out.

The cat, Polly, seems to be recovering from her broken hip. She is getting depressed with cage rest so we are allowing her some freedom during the day and the plan is (ours not Polly's) that we will keep her in over night. This will be the hard bit as she loves to roam and hunt at night and sleeps most of the day.

Still having varying results with eggs. 6 one day and 3 or 4 another. The latest laying place is in the hay trailer which makes it difficult as we need the trailer to take hay to the paddocks. The hens get shirty when we drive off when they are laying!!

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