Friday, 11 September 2009

Late Summer

What a lovely change of weather - blue skies, light breeze and yes, sunshine!! The alpacas love lying in the sun soaking up the rays, topping up the Vitamin D and just chilling out.

Today we checked our cria to see if them are likely to be show quality for next season's showing. We found six or seven potentials who we have listed, so we are hopeful that they will retain their lovely bright crimpy fleece into the spring of 2010 when the shows start. We have some lovely older girls (yearlings plus) but since they are now pregnant we will not be able to show them.

Mike is currently topping the agility paddock as the warm wet weather which we have had for a while has really encouraged the grass which is bright green and very long. Once topped we will graze it as well which will help to keep the area up to scratch.

The cat is well on the road to recovery after suffering a broken hip whilst we were away on holiday. She still has a dose of metacam every night and we are keeping her caged at night to stop her going out hunting and playing with cars, especially as she cannot run very fast at the moment. During the day she still manages to do silly things like climb up into the hay loft on the ladder and hop down on three legs. We are trying to think of the best way to keep her under cover at night. I think we will put a door on one of the dog compartments in the kennel (a converted lorry unit). The theory is that the road is quiet at night so she might get taken by surprise if a vehicle comes along and not get out of the way quickly enough, but in the daytime with constant traffic perhaps she will be less likely to even go near the road.

We have not had a present of a mutilated vole or headless mouse for ages, but she has started to come for the morning walk with the dogs again so she is nearly back to normal. She meows a lot when she is caged for the night as she really wants to get outside and saucers of milk, bits of chicken and other inducements really do not do it for her when there is the call of the wild - well semi-wild anyway.

Chickens are still acting in mysterious ways regarding egg laying. Hoping to have a couple more soon to replace the kidnapped/murdered ones. I expect as soon as the new ones arrive we will find a huge stash of eggs somewhere.

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