Friday, 29 May 2009


We seem to be having quite a few enquiries for alpacas which is encouraging.

Chale is proving a bit of a challenge in the mating department. I think he needs a lot more practice. We are having second thoughts about selling Alario as he is so reliable although we do need some new blood.

Mike's sister and her husband were going to be farm sitting this weekend but Tia is in season so I am going to stay at home. Now Mike is staying at home too because Jake, his dog, is lame. Romie stole a whole dish of left over cauliflower and carrots so maybe it is just as well she is not going to as we are expecting an explosion shortly.

Pam and Malc said they would like to come down anyway and arrived yesterday afternoon. As always they have been very helpful - mowing the lawn, strimming, helping Mike clear the straw and build a bonfire. Malc spotted a pile of feathers behind the barn, which we had not found. We think it must be the signs of one of the hen's last struggle with the fox? There were also two eggs and some egg shells in the same place which seems further evidence of an intruder. Mike and Malc are going to try and fence the top paddock and yard so that the chickens don't go behind the barn any more.

As always there is plenty to do this time of year and Mike has been topping the paddocks to try and get to grips with excessive growth of buttercups that we are experiencing.

I am continuing to train Tia three times a day for her meals and she is a very quick learner. Shame she can't learn to stop chasing things. She can sit, down, go to a target, roll over, and beg - although the beg is still a bit of a grab.

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