Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Still Missing

The eighth hen never turned up so she is presumed dead.

We are now only getting a maximum six eggs a day and one of the hens disappears but we cannot work out where to.   We are assuming that she has found a new hiding place for her nest but despite searching hedgerows, under trailers, behind the stock box and barn we have been unable to work out where she goes.   We keep counting them but somehow she slips away when we are not looking and then appears again as if by magic.

Tia is still a devil/angel.   Around the house and garden she is doing very well and she had a lovely time on Sunday when we went to an agility training day with Ali Worden at Tollard Royal.   She did not join in the training as she is too young, but she was able to go for a lovely off leash walk.  She tried to chase the horses but they hardly noticed and even though she barked at their heels she got very little response.   Nothing like as exciting as making alpacas gallop.  I am sending off her Kennel club registration for Agility in the hope that I can teach her a good enough recall to control the behaviour but the jury is still out on that one.   We chained her up in the race today and ran the whole herd of alpacas at speed past  her thinking that this might frighten her enough to give them some respect but unfortunately she broke her chain and had a lovely ten minutes terrorising the herd  again.   Another backward step.  Mike thinks there must have been a fault in the clip - perhaps a weak point that gave way under strain.   He usually makes things so strong they are unusable let alone breakable but something went wrong today.

I am clicker training her and have used the training discs (an aversive training tool) which seems to have worked slightly when she meets the hens and chickens on her flexi lead.   Cannot test her off lead yet as have no confidence in her recall yet.

Gave the latest cria their first vaccinations today.  Hoping for a couple more births at the beginning of June.

Have started selling our wool into shops which seems to be going quite well.

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