Tuesday, 12 May 2009

The naked alpaca

Colin came and sheared our alpacas - ten on Saturday and the other thirty eight on Sunday. Surprisingly we did not have any complaints from the neighbours despite the fact that some of them scream the place down whilst they are being sheared. When they are released they do not even run away - in fact some of them actually try to come back in as if to get a closer look at what they have just been put through. My job is to keep the shearing mat clear so that Colin can carry onworking. At the same time I sort the fleece into grades. nnLater I will be sorting it and removing any vegetation and deciding what is good enough to be sent off for spinning. It is hard going and apart from a couple of short breaks it goes on all day. I slept like a log on Sunday night.

Tia is settling down a bit. She has a lot of good points to outweigh the issues that we have to sort.

The cats are a bit more relaxed about her. They don't come into the garden any more and lie around with the dogs but they are happy to relax in the barn and come into the house if they know Tia is outside.

Sadly one of the hens has gone missing. She did not come last night when I called them to put them to bed and has not turned up today so we suspect the worst. I am going to get the others in earlier in the evening in case she has been a victim of a fox. I am still hoping that she is just being broody and sitting on some eggs somewhere, but I think I am just clutching at straws. After lunch today I thought all the others had been snatched too as there was no sign of them but after a search they all appeared from behind one of the field shelters.

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