Sunday, 31 May 2009

A long stand off

Yesterday Pam helped me to label and bag the rest of our wool. The balls are now packed in tens ready to sell to wool shops, which is much better that my taking an order and then coming home to bag up and deliver. Now I will be able to have stock with me ready to go.

As previously mentioned Mike has, as far as possible, Tia proofed the top paddock. The first time I took her in there she played for a while and then ran off. Eventually I tricked her into being caught. Having spent days since then training her and trying to make it as much fun as possible I thought today I would give it another go in the paddock. Again she played for a short time and then would not bring the ball back. I ignored her and sat down waiting for her to come back which she did so we played again. The next time the trick did not work and she would not come near me. I sat down, head bowed, not looking at her and she just stayed out of reach - not that I had any intention of grabbing her. She ran off to the bottom of the paddock and stood looking at alpacas, presumably hoping I would chase her, shout at her or give her some sort of attention.

I fetched the wheel barrow and cleaned out the hen house which is in the same paddock (no hens at that time of day), then ignored her some more. She kept glancing at me but defied me.

To cut a long story short after a few nearlies, and three and a half hours, she came up to the gate, allowed me to go in without running away. I played the most exhausting game of tuggy with her whilst singing, I won, I won I won - which luckily she did not understand. When we stopped she ran off again but came back almost immediately so she had another game of tuggy which seemed to stretch my arms beyond endurance. I then asked her to sit and quietly put the lead on. We were all sitting on the front veranda having lunch, so she came to sit with us (walking very nicely on the lead, I have to say) and enjoyed lots of stroking, praise, chelsea buns and ham sandwiches.

My plan is to try and cut the time down to two and half hours tomorrow!!

She seems very calm at the moment but I am sure it will not last for long.

Hens back to six eggs a day now we have blocked their exit into the right hand race where they used to lay in the hedge. They are now laying 4 eggs a day in the barn and 2 under a young hazel nut tree behind the barn. Mike is going to fence the chickens in so that they can only go in the barn, yard, top paddock. It is a shame but it is for their own protection. We are hoping to replace the Tytherleigh Two who have disappeared.

Pam and Malc have now gone home. We had a lovely weekend including a meal at the pub over the road last night, just getting home in time to see the result of Britain's got Talent without the tedium of seeing all the acts again. The weather has made a big difference.

Mike is gradually working his way through repairing and repainting our agility equipment and I rubbed down the side of the lorry which we use as a garage for the quad bike and paddock cleaner and also as a kennel for some of the dogs.

Now we are going to sit in the garden and do nothing for the rest of the day.

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