Friday, 23 January 2009

Successful Day

It's probably because it was a very pleasant day for weather, but today seemed to go extra well.

I drove Mike to the Surgery for the nurse to remove the staples in his knee. He said that he hardly felt it, unlike previous experience with stitches being removed.

Last night I updated all the information for the Alpacastuff website and David came down this morning to put it on. We have sold out of quite a few things and have some new stock to go on, but I need to take photographs which actually look good. Might need to buy some equipment, but not sure what.

The only fly in the ointment is that I am not 100% sure that the changes have taken, as when I googled the site it had not changed.

In the afternoon David and Mike took a trailer load of scrap to the scrap yard. We have decided to bring the main herd into the barn when there are really long periods of rain, even though it is a bit of a tight squeeze for them, so I needed the trailer empty for mucking out. It would take forever in a wheelbarrow. We don't usually worry too much about the alpacas in any weather but there has been a lot of rain since the thaw and even on our usually well drained paddocks they have not been able to find any dry land for days. When I walk over the top paddocks which usually dry out very quickly, they are still squelching. When they come into the barn we give them free range of the farm yard as well so they have quite a few hours without their feet being in water.

It seems to make a huge difference now that the evenings are a little lighter and even though spring is a long way off, it feels that we are on a downhill slope now.

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