Sunday, 25 January 2009

Shocking Day

It was just another day until lunchtime when I took Mum's lunch in to her. She seemed to be dozing on the bed but when I tried to wake her it was evident that she was not asleep but semi conscious. We phoned for an ambulance and I spent the rest of the day in Musgrove hospital at Taunton. I thought she must have had a stroke as did the paramedics and doctors,but a scan did not show up any sign of it. The doctor said that sometimes if scanned too early the evidence does not show up so they will scan again tomorrow. When I left her she was still out of it and I will have to phone late morning tomorrow to find out if there is any news. By then the consultant will have done his rounds and examined the new patients.

As you know Mike is not very mobile but he managed to get the alpacas into the yard, shut up the chickens and get his own dinner whilst I was out. He is going to the physio tomorrow morning.

Hopefully tomorrow will be a more normal day with some good news.

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