Thursday, 29 January 2009

Is my room ready yet?

The girls really seem to like being in the barn at night and although at first I was a bit worried about the overcrowding, they obviously like it. This morning it was drizzling and not very pleasant at all. I opened the gate expecting them to gallop out but none did. They all looked at the weather and decided to lie down or eat hay. Only three left the barn. Eventually I saw them all walk out and then trot urgently into the paddock. I suspect it was the kittens (who seem to worry them) or the chickens rooting about in the straw that made them leave.

I had missed the weather forecast and when I saw they were all in the bottom paddocks this evening we had a debate as to whether they should be left out. They made their own decision however and were soon queueing up to be allowed into the hotel room for the night.

I visited my mother today and she seemed a little brighter, although amazingly the doctors have not retrieved her notes. As she is already being treated for her various problems at the same hospital I would have thought it would be sensible to read her history. She has been there since Sunday and her notes have not arrived on the ward!! I spoke to a young doctor who assured me that they were on the way and I have made an appointment to see her consultant on Monday to try and find out exactly what the situation is as no one has been able to give me much information yet.

We ordered some straw for the barn from Bob and Phil in the village. They supply us with hay from time to time and a couple of years ago ploughed and reseeded several of the paddocks for us. They are a great source of information and well known in the neighbourhood. The new school being built in the village is having its drains built at the moment and so they could not get out of their farm gate because there was a big trench there, but rather than let us down they wizzed round with their landrover with five bales in the back. The rest of the bales are coming at the weekend when work stops at the school. Bob is going to try and drag our landrover out for us when he comes either tomorrow or Saturday. It should be interesting. I am really looking forward to getting covered in mud again.

Not much else happening at the moment.

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