Wednesday, 7 January 2009

Brief Entry

Mike went into Shepton Mallet Hospital this morning. When I spoke to him early this afternoon he seemed drowsy but quite cheerful. By late afternoon he was starting to get a lot of pain, so he is just crossing his fingers to make sure that it is worth while. Thanks to everyone who sent good wishes.

The kittens had their second vaccination this evening. Romie was also due a vaccination so I took them all in together with Tilly so the vet could check her heart rate. The child vet thought they were all well, except Til of course, whose heart rate is still only 30 per minute.

It was a relief to find that it was a little warmer this afternoon. For quite a while now it has been a problem keeping any unfrozen water in the troughs and for the last couple of days the taps and hoses in the barn have all been frozen, which is a double inconvenience because my washing machine is in the barn and we also put up the dogs' food over there and have a sink to wash up their dishes etc: The taps started to run a little this afternoon and we are hoping that if the weather continues to improve we can get back to normal. It is surprising how much we miss mod cons when they are suddenly unavailable.

I have been taking buckets out into the top paddocks because the water troughs have been permanently frozen. The only trouble is that the buckets of water get frozen too so we then have a problem emptying them to refill them again. There is a spring-fed stream in the bottom fields so animals grazing there have no problem with water.

David and jane are coming down tomorrow evening to help me cut alpaca toe nails and administer Vitamin D injections to help them through the winter.

Let,s hope it is not too cold. Even working in the barn it can be very chilly on a bad day.

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