Wednesday, 17 February 2021

Same Old


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Unfortunately because of Covid Restrictions and depressing weather there really is nothing worth recording really.   Of course there are jobs to do around the farm - looking after the chickens and alpacas but this takes only a couple of hours in the morning and checks during the day.

We are catching up with some property maintenance jobs - touching up paint on the doors and Mike has been doing some small repairs that were needed.

We are progressing quite well with the dolls house restoration.   Much of the rubbing down has been done and it is spread out in pieces in the office.  Most of the hinges are rusty and we are going to have to source new ones which are small enough.   Probably need to find a specialist supplier online.Mike is also repairing thing like the stair case and banisters.  It is interesting to see how much there is online for modellers and restorers.

The weather has been really awful for what seems likes weeks.  All the fields are muddy and the dogs get filthy every times we let them any further than the farm yard.   Thankfully, Ted,my young dog has short fur so he can stay outside with me more, which is nice.  Dodger has longer fur and often has to be hosed off as he does not understand the concept of walking - only flat out running.

I have an old washing machine which I use for washing dog towels, coats (which they wear indoors when drying out) and any other items for the animals.  It is running several times a week at the moment.

We could all do with some sunshine soon.

I am still training Ted for agility and we both love it, but goodness knows whether dog shows will come back with the same popularity as before.   I hope so - but it needs to be soon or I really will be too old.

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