Monday, 1 February 2021

Rain and Mist prevail

 Nothing much is happening apart from the normal jobs.  Collecting Eggs, cleaning out the hen house, clearing up alpaca poo in the field, which are not very exciting tasks at the best of times and become really a pain when combined with rain, drizzle and mist.

Tomorrow is supposed to be a little better and we are hoping to do some catching up when Nick and Jon come.

Whilst I was out having my covid vaccination we had a delivery and when we got home we found the delivery van stuck in the mud in the driveway.  Half of the drive is gravel right across and the rest has a grassy verge.  He was stuck on the verge and had dug himself in deeper and deeper trying to get out.  We felt really sorry for him and he was very embarrassed.

Luckily we have a four wheel drive truck and Mike was able to pull him out but there is now a muddy patch with deep deep tyre marks whre there ued to be grass.  Tomorrow, all being well,  Mike and Nick will be erecting one of our old farm gates across the drive so that people cannot get stuck in future.

What do you want to do ?
New mail
What do you want to do ?
New mail

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