Thursday, 31 October 2019

Good Bye Boys

Despite the horrible weather we had a visitor today who is interested in buying our last remaining male alpacas.  They were very wet and scruffy looking (the alpacas not the visitor) but they behaved quite well and it looks as though they will be leaving us soon.

It will be a very sad day when they go as our fields will be almost empty apart from a few female alpacas who guard the chickens.

The rain has been non stop since this morning so I was quite pleased to be going out for lunch with some friends at the pub across the road.  The meal was lovely but we had a power cut which lasted for about half an hour and being a wet and miserable day it was quite difficult to see what we were eating even with the candle light.

Mike is really not well.   He went out with a  friend earlier in the week and thinks that he might have had some undercooked fish.   The nurse is coming to see him tomorrow and he is hoping she will be able to diagnose his problem.

No sign of the cat - she is probably asleep amongst the hay bales in the barn, which is her favourite spot if it is wet or really cold.
Click on the picture to see our remaining alpacas for sale.

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Unknown said...

Hello Boys!

I loved visiting the Farm as did Harry, he totally loved the hour's freedom running around like a coiled spring, free from the constraints of the car!! I obviously also loved the boys and we cannot wait to see them again hopefully in a couple of weeks.