Sunday, 20 October 2019

1970s Disco

Despite some improved weather coniditions,  I am still shutting the alpacas into their enclosure at night just in case of unexpected heavy rainfall.  They don't mind getting wet but it just makes more sense to keep them dry.  It is quite unpleasant catching and holding a wet alpaca if you need to.   For example sometimes they get brambles in their fleece and it is as good idea to pull or cut it out before it gets too entangled.   No one wants to buy a fleece that is full of debris and there is also the chance that the bramble  might get in their eyes or some of the unfleeced skin on their underbelly..

As we know the grass on the other side is always greener and they think that too and often like to get really close to the hedge or fence to select the most inaccessible greenery.

Also it helps in my efforts to keep the paddock clean in that their poo  (that is a technical term!) is concentrated in a smaller area for the time they are shut in.

Mike is still hobbling around but is more and more able to add some tasks that he can cope with on one leg.  The latest project is to mow the grass near the house and in the back paddock (the one behind the house.)  I hope he is not being too ambitious.

Livestock must be checked at least every day to ensure their welfare  so I usually take the dogs with me to check on the boys in the lower field every morning.  It kills two birds with one stone - exercise for dogs and a visit to the boys.  Ted (my youngest collie) has learnt that it is not acceptable for the males to" fight" (usually a minor tiff).  This morning  we heard the tell tale noise of the males disagreeing.  With just a "go on"  Ted ran at full speed and by the time I caught up with him he was lying down "holding" them in a group.   End of story and peace reigns.

Last night I went to a 1970's disco to celebrate the finish of refurbishment to the village hall in Chardstock. It was built in the 70s - hence the theme.  It was a great evening and three groups entered a dance competition .  I was in one of the groups and really enjoyed the rehearsals and the opportunity to meet new people.  The group that I was in were such good fun and we all sat together for the meal, which was great because I went on my own of course.  All three groups strutted their stuff with gusto and surprise, surprise, the result on the clapometre for the best group was a draw.  Couldn't agreee more. 
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