Wednesday, 1 October 2014

The Elephant in the Rooom has Moved

The old lorry unit has been very useful.  When we bought it we had no under cover storage on the farm and the dogs had nowhere to sleep as the original mobile home we had on site was too small.  

Mike partitioned it off and the dogs had half as a sleeping area and the rest was used for storage.   Since we moved into our new house it has been moved next to the barn but was still visible even though it was behind some trellis.  It became a paint store and a dumping ground as a half way house for things on their way to the rubbish tip.  It was also something that we did not talk about!!

This week Mike carried out some welding repairs so that it could be moved and he and Nick towed it into Mike's yard (out of sight) where it will be used as a garage for his precious Fergie tractor.   Hooray!!

Photos below - to be fair they both worked really hard all day, but in the photo Mike and Nick are taking a well earned tea break!

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