Sunday, 4 May 2014

Fox's revenge

The Ultimate Recall Course which we hosted, went well despite the weather.   All the participants seemed to find it really useful  and also had the benefit of John Rogerson informative behavioural advice in other areas as well as recall.

The last photo is a great demonstration of a dog anxious to return to his mistress who is hiding in another field.  He covered the ground at a great rate of knots.

Mike was watching TV this evening when he shouted that there was a fox in the yard with a chicken.  Unfortunately by the time we unlocked the french doors and rushed out with the dogs it had already disappeared leaving behind a pile of silky brown and white feathers.

Although it was locking the stable door too late, I went out and shut all the other hens in early and we vowed to keep an eye open for the fox in future and not to leave the hens out unless one or all of the dogs are out too.   Mike is going to try and find the hole in the fence where he went out so he can block it off.   It is such a shame because we have a lovely flock of plump healthy hens who are all laying well.  The only slight bit of good news is that he only took one!!

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