Monday, 14 April 2014

Security Alert

We have been selling eggs at the farm gate for a couple of years and have only experienced theft once in that time.  In the last two weeks we have been robbed twice and the last time Mike thinks he caught sight of the culprit.  Later he saw the same car in Lidl's car park and managed to get a good look at the driver.  Not sure what he intends to do with that information, but he is on the case. Cue Lone Ranger music.

In the meantime we have installed another sensor on our alarm system and moved the egg cupboard inside the entrance so that we are alerted whenever someone walks towards the gate.  

The female alpacas are grazing the shop paddock when the shop is closed and they set off the alarm whenever they get close to the shop.  Sometimes it sounds as though there is a barn dance going on up there!!

Coming soon - Ice cream and cold drinks for sale in the farm shop.

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