Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Successful Sunday.

All went to plan for our Christmas Market with lots of visitors for most of the morning.  The cars started to pour in at 10.30 a.m. and it was really busy up until lunch time when it started to quiet down.   The farm animals, alpacas, sheep and chicken all behaved well and were quite a draw especially for the children.

Our farm shop was very busy and my grand daughter, Tara, spend virtually all day serving customers with only a short break when Jane, her mother, took over.  Yesterday morning when I went to do a stock check it was quite a quick job because she had sold so much.

The rest of the family including son David and grandson Zach helped get everything ready on Saturday and it was all hands to the deck all day on Sunday with jobs varying from Car parking to waiting on the exhibitors with teas and coffees.

Unfortunately it was extremely cold in the barn despite Mike's attempts to make it more comfortable by lining the walls with sterling board and by the afternoon the stall holders were very chilly, but they kept cheerful and most of them seemed quite happy and just accepted the fact that a barn in December is never going to be the most comfortable place.

We hope to have mains electricity in the barn before next winter so we might be able to find a way of heating it.  It would be an improvement if we could just lift the temperature a few degrees.

I had my camera all ready to take photos of the event, but for some reason, it was over before I got round to it.
This morning we finally finished dismantling and packing away all the temporary fencing, signs, tables and chairs etc:

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