Sunday, 15 December 2013

Ex Chicken Licken

Alpacas are our main farming interest, but our other animals including the chickens also have their place.  They pay for themselves and make a bit of profit too.

Chicken Licken (ours, not the story book one)  is now an ex chicken.   The first signs that she was poorly were that she easily knocked over by the other chickens and on one occasion I saw her actually somersault. On Friday she became lethargic and had obviously lost interest even in eating, which was her favourite hobby.   By yesterday she was not really with us and we made a comfortable bed for her in the shed where I store the straw for the henhouse.
This morning I thought she was dead but she chortled very slightly, so I just let her rest on until later when she finally breathed her last.

Originally a battery hen, she was the sole survivor of a fox attack a few years ago (when I accidentally left the door to the henhouse open over night) and my friend Pauline taught her to be cute and feed from her hand.  From then on she thought she should have access to all of our property including the kitchen if we were not careful.  She was often seen riding in the land rover or the back of the quad bike.

All the other hens are all right, but they only lay eggs, they are not friends!!

Weeks ago I sorted out the alpacas that are for sale and put their details on our website, but I just have not had a chance to photograph them.  Either the weather is poor or other pressing jobs or trips seem to prevent me.  The next sunny day will definitely be devoted to alpaca pin ups.

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