Tuesday, 17 April 2012

The end of the rainbow

We frequently get beautiful rainbows here.  I think we are in a micro climate of our own where sunshine and rain often come together.  Today there was a really spectacular one even by our standards,  Unfortunately the photo does not do it justice. 

We have fenced off the dog agility training area with some poultry netting.  The worst the alpacas have done - or rather only Pedro - is to push it over and lead other herd members into the forbidden area, but we planned without the goats.   It was freezing cold and I nipped out to feed the bottle fed kid and check for chicken eggs when I noticed that one of the buck yearlings had wandered into the alpaca paddock and had managed to entangle himself in the netting.   I went to free him which in normal fencing is usually fairly straight forward but it looked as though he had done somersaults and really twisted it round his horns.  I realised this too late and did not dare to let go of him once I had begun to try and free him because he got more worried and worked up and I was scared that if I let go he would get himself into even more trouble.

I am hardly ever without my mobile phone  but too late I realised that when I "just popped out" I forgot to pick it up.  It was lunch time luckily and I knew Mike would be coming down from the roadside bank that he and Nick were clearing, so despite not having a coat and the freezing wind carrying in some really nasty heavy rain, I held on and waved frantically to Mike when I saw the tractor coming down.   He saw me and quickly realised what was going on.  He abandoned the tractor and raced to the rescue.   Between us we managed to free the buck and kindly Mike sent me indoors to defrost and prepare his lunch!!

Next job is to try and secure the bucks paddock so it cannot happen again.   Goat kids are really delightful but until they get too big they love exploring and meeting other creatures, it seems.

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