Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Good ole Alario

First cria of the year born to the lovely Cordelia is a beautiful baby girl by Alario, who has excelled himself as usual. 

The old barn is now  being stripped out ready for the real work to begin. We had a visit from the head of the company who are going to install the insulated panels which will form the exterior walls,the steel frame and all the internal walls and floors and possibly the windows.  The outside will then be clad with wood so that the barn looks pretty much as it did when we started, but inside, we hope, will be a great modern living space.

We are now bottle feeding one of the female kids as she just was not getting enough from her Mum even with us standing by whilst Mum was feeding so that she kept still instead of walking away as she was wont to do.  She is having two feeds a day and looking much brighter and fingers crossed will keep improving now.

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