Tuesday, 15 April 2008

Spring has sprung

We have been really enjoying a lovely sunny day in Devon today. The view is gorgeous, the alpacas look all fluffy and happy. The cria are either running around or sunbathing. The dogs take it in turns to lie on the garden table to take in the rays, and we have been inspired to get on with jobs outside, enjoying working without heavy coats and boots.

We decided to tidy up the alpacas by trimming their topknots and made a start on trimming toe nails. All the males have been done and are looking very smart. They are in the paddock nearest to the road and so are seen first by visitors.

Mike has bought a new saw bench intending to make a start on the huge pile of logs left from all the hedge laying he has done as well as the trees which were cut down last year. We cannot decide whether to bag them and sell them or keep them until we build our new house and have a log burner. Think bagging up might be the best option since we might not know until 2011 if we will be allowed to build.

Today's picture is just the view, but it was so lovely in the sunshine I thought it would be worth putting up.

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