Wednesday, 9 April 2008

Second birth of the year

My friend Jean had arranged to come over this morning at 9.30 a.m. to impart some of her expert knowledge of fleece. She is a hand spinner, has her own alpacas, has completed the judging course for national alpaca shows, so she knows what it is all about.

I noticed that Claribel, one of my favourite alpacas, was lying down alone when the others were grazing, she then started to look uncomfortable and I guessed that she might give birth. At that stage Jean arrived and instead of going into the barn to sort fleeces, she joined me in the field for the alpaca watch.

Just ten minutes later the cria started to appear and and 9.55 a.m. she was born. She is a lovely solid brown and seemed very strong.

I rubbed her dry and as it was cold put a little coat on her to keep her warm. We then started the routine watch as it is most important (as with most livestock) that the baby feeds from its mother to take on board the colostrum which ensures its ability to fight off the various bugs which it would otherwise be fatal.

See pictures for today!!

We are still on alpaca watch as the first 24 hours are crucial. See our website for alpaca information.

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White Rabbit said...

OHHH he is so cute!