Wednesday, 30 April 2008

Drying Out

After heavy rains yesterday, we have had to try and drain away excess water around the barn.

The barn was here when we bought the farm and has always had a drainage problem. The plan is that this summer we will get a man and a digger and improve the run away.

In the meantime it is still very useful for small cria, sick animals and husbandry.

As the weather was so bad we set up pens in the barn so that we could continue with our mating programme. All our female alpacas are either pregnant, have just been mated, or are too young.

We have four females on farm who are due to give birth shortly and then there is a gap until July when it seems this place will be like a nursery again.

Today I am removing my country hat and taking my 86 year old mum out for lunch with her friends, followed by a visit to my son and his family, culminating in going to the dog club where I have been chairman for a few years. It is near Shaftesbury and we have decided that the journey is too long and expensive to attend every week from Devon and also to go to committee meetings, so I have decided it is time to hand over the reins. Tonight will be my last moment as Club Chairman but we hope to keep in touch with all our friends who compete in dog agility.

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