Thursday, 26 December 2019

End of an Era

On the 21st December - the last Saturday before Christmas, we closed our little farm shop finally.

Pre Christmas sales went very well and we now have a very limited stock of socks and quite a few hand knitted hats and mittens left which are for sale on our website.

My best friend has recently suffered a stroke which has left her with mobility problems and  restricted use of her hand.   I have been looking after her two dogs - Alice, a dear little Staffordshire bull terrier and Dodger, the brother of my bitch, Dollie - bred here on the farm. I think they may be here for the long haul if not permanently - especially as Alice is fifteen years old.  

We have also sold all our male alpacas exccept one cria who is still with his Mum and two more females left on Christmas eve.

This leaves us with four females, the male cria and a newcomer - Freddie.

Freddie was originally sold as yearling with four other young males.   The new owners had them all wethered and until recently we thought that all was well.   Unfortunately, however, Freddie has become dominant and made them feel uncomfortable with him.   I visited and found him to be rather full of himself and definitely the herd leader but not frightening.

I suggested that he returned to us and as he is a whether (castrated male) he is living with our four remaining females and seems quite happy.  He and I have reached an understanding - i.e. I am the herd leader and not him!

When the weather allows I will take his photo and upload to the blog.

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