Sunday, 1 December 2019

Busy Busy

I didn't realise it was so long since I updated the blog.

I have sold our last six male alpacas which was a bit of a distraction.   Although it was not hard work it coincided with the shop being extra busy because of the imminent arrival of Christmas.

It is not just a question of selling them - they have a pre-movemment TB test and have to be up to date with their husbandry such as toe nails, worming and ADE injections.    Because they are genetically designed for life at high altitude where they get plenty of sunshine and therefore vitamin D, they have to have a regular doses of ADE over the winter months.

The TB test was negative, thank goodness and their new owners collected them a few days ago.  Since they were born and bred on the farm they have never been in a trailer before so it was a bit of a performance getting them in.  After a fairly long time trying to coax, push and pull them in to the trailer without success I fetched my faithful dog Dolly into the barn.   I was concerned that she would be over excited to be involved in the situation as she is not used to working indoors (i.e. in the barn) but she was very calm and gave the boys the eye and with hardly any effort she explained that they had to move forward and they just went in like little lambs.

Apparently they travelled very well and are adjusting well to their new home.

I am closing the shop down at Christmas and took a chance on getting extra stock  of our alpaca socks.   Luckily it has paid off because they are going very qickly and some of the shelves are already empty.

Hand made Chulla Hat with ear flaps to keep you really warm in the winter weather.
Alpaca Walking socks with cushion sole for extra warmth.

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