Friday, 8 November 2019

Socks R Us

A sure sign that winter is here is the increase in our sales of socks online and in the farm shop.

I thought my last delivery would be the last ever  but looks as though I had better put in another order to keep going until Christmas when we are closing permanently.

Today at last the weather has improved and there is actually some sunshine.   It is lovely to see the alpacas looking clean, dry and fluffy instead of soaking wet. The girls have two shelters in a small enclosure in their paddock but unless I actually shut them in at dusk they often stay out even in heavy rain which makes them look bedraggled and is horrible if I need to hold them for any reason.

The males on the other hand are fairly keen on keeping dry and will use shelter if it is available.   They have been in the field furthest from the farm yard until recently but we have brought them up to the paddock behind the house since the bad weather came in.   There is no shelter there so they come into the barn at night if rain is expected.

Click on the picture to see our full range of socks and hand-knits!

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