Sunday, 10 November 2019

Only the Lonely

As a rule we try and keep our male alpacas as far away from the females as possible as it can cause problems when the boys realise they are in the presence of attractive potential mates.

As we have been having some extraordinary weather lately with very heavy rainfall I have brought the males up near the barn so that they can go in at night if the forecast is bad.  They are in a fairly big field and Mike and I put up a barrier of hurdles so they cannot get too close to the girls in their paddock.

At first the males were excited but after a while they realised that they could not get near enough to socialise and gradually mooched off to the bottom of the field.  All except Amaru, generally the herd leader.   He could not be persuaded that the girls were inaccessible and has become the lone male at this end of the field.
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