Friday, 6 April 2018


We bought Horizon Anchor, one of the Chardstock Six when their owner felt ready to have the remaining two back on her own land.    We really liked him because he has very good substance of bone, lovely fleece and a nice nature, and we needed another coloured male as Alario and Pedro are related to most of our brown and fawn girls.   His Sire is Classical Priam, who was apparently a champion in his day, although I am not familiar with him and Anchor is fawn whilst his sire was white.

We have just had our fibre testing results back which show that he is holding 23 microns at the age of five which is not bad, although Alario's fleece is still only 20 microns at eight years old.

We thought we might have made a big mistake because although he is very much an adult he had not been used as a stud male and last year he did not have a clue - he fell off sideways, tried the head on approach and finally got so frustrated that he started to bite the female.

Things have improved since then to the point where after a lot of messing around he finally managed to cover one of our older females successfully but failed miserably when courting a young maiden female.  His size as well as his inexperience is against him.   Last week we introduced him to Citrine an older female who has recently given birth to a 2011 cria and again he failed to live up to expectations but today - hoorah - he got it right first time and both he and Citrine seemed very happy with each other.

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