Friday, 6 April 2018


Sunday was a really lovely day with most of our family spending the day here to celebrate my birthday.  We had Sunday Lunch at the Tytherleigh Arms over the road and back to ours for tea and birthday cake, a stroll round the farm with some of our dogs and the visiting dogs. 

This morning Nick and I trimmed the Goats and kids' toe nails and I chased them around trying to get poo samples to send away for testing.   Last time they were tested some worm eggs were present.   We have treated them and this is a follow up test.

Mike went to Ottery St. Mary with the van to collect 50 bales of haylage which is mainly as a back up if hay remains expensive and/or in short supply over the winter and also for the goats.   Hay gets stuck in the fleece of the Angora goats and so we prefer to feed them haylage which is also higher in protein and therefore will help to keep them in condition over the winter whilst they are pregnant.

The Buck is making himself attractive by rubbing his head against the does' backsides which must be some sort of courting ritual.  At the moment they are not showing any interest but it seems he senses that the time is near.  He also stands with his head back as if about to bay at the moon.   I imitated him and he gave me a menacing look, so obviously it is something that only Bucks should do!!  I backed off very quickly in case we had any misunderstandings!!

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