Sunday, 28 December 2014

We had a lovely Christmas with David, Jane,Zach and Tara.  The dogs are probably feeling a bit deprived now that they are back to normal dog food without the unexpected extras they have been enjoying.

I was not  going to open the shop for a while, thinking that there would be no customers,but yesterday morning I had a phone call from a  family who were parked in the gateway.   They were asking  when we would be open, so of course I let them in.  They had bought a shawl from us and wanted another for a friend who was ill and had admired it.

Before they left another car  drew up so I  decided to open for the rest of the day,which turned out to be quite busy.

It has been very cold at times over the last couple of days but other than that everything seems to be back to normal.   The ram is restless but seems more content to stay with his ewes and the alpacas  now.  Mike is taking down the electric fence which was protecting our young willow trees from grazing alpacas and wildlife in the bottom paddocks and is going to put it across a possible weak point in the ram's field, just in case he tries to get out.

Everything is back to normal now and as usual there are plenty of jobs waiting to be done.

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