Thursday, 18 December 2014


Yesterday I went down to the bottom paddock where our four ewes and Henning III the ram we share with another breeder/friend.  To my dismay Henning was missing.  I phoned Mike to let him know and proceeded to search both bottom fields.

I found footprints near the stream which divides us from the next door farm and woods and it was obvious that there was an easy escape route for him.  There was a big gap under the fence where it straddled the stream.  Previously it had been covered in vegetation and so neither us nor the sheep were aware of the doorway to freedom.

I walked all round the area calling in on a couple of smallholdings and I also called in on my friend, Pam, and asked her to keep an eye open if she was out walking her dog, or heard anyone mention a stray.

Eventually I went back home and after checking in with Mike so that he could look after the shop , I went off to try following Henning's trail from another direction.   I climbed over the style at the bottom of our property onto the public footpath and began to walk up towards the road again, when I saw Pam approaching.  Bless her, she had got herself all togged up for walking and was searching as well.   We teamed up and followed the public footpath until we saw a flock of sheep in the distance.

Pam asked if he would go looking for sex with the sheep and I assured her that it was very likely indeed.
When we got close to the sheep I could see a darker figure amongst them  which I felt sure was Henning.

We knocked on the farmhouse door and the lady of the farm told us that her brother was out but she phoned him and Pam and I went home.  The farmer phoned me quite soon afterwards to say that he had moved the sheep so that we could catch the ram, so I drove round and together after some chasing around we managed to separate Henning and get him in the farmer's trailer and bring him home.

Mike was waiting at home and we quickly secured him in a catch pen and later re-united him with his own ladies. I am guessing they must be pregnant otherwise I don't think he would have deserted them.

I am going to keep a low profile at lambing time in case the farmer has a few grey (Gotland) coloured arrivals!!

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