Friday, 28 March 2014

New Arrival
Nanook is a lovely young white male with excellent fleece and we are hoping that when he matures he will bring some valuable new genetics into our herd.  Our alpacas have really soft fine fleece but from time to time we need to add a new ingredient to the mix, so to speak.

He is in quarantine at the moment but we have put in one of our existing males of a similar age to keep him company for the duration.  Of course if there are any problems, which is most unlikely, then Zenon (our young male) will also be effected.

They seemed to get on with each other straight away, although we did take the precaution of spraying Nanook with vinegar.   This is an old farmer's trick to help smooth the path when introducing new animals to the herd.  The vinegar covers the natural smells which might excite other animals and make them aggressive to a newcomer.  By the time the vinegar smell has worn off, the animals are used to each other and no problems occur.  It is a bit like chickens - you put the new arrivals in the henhouse after dark and when they all wake up in the morning the new ones are automatically assumed to be part of the family

It was rather sad to see the last of our Angora Goats leave the farm. The does went quite a while ago but the last three bucks did not attract any interest.  Part of the deal with Nanook was an exchange for the goats.
They left without so much as a backward glance.  There was some debate as to how to get them from the goat house into the transit van which was to transport them to their new home, but I simply put a little feed into a bucket and climbed into the van with it and was immediately followed, ney trampled, by the bucks trying to get to the bucket first.   They did not hesitate to jump up into the vehicle without the aid of a ramp or any other assistance.   

We are looking after my friend's dog at the moment.  As you can see, Dodger has settled in very well and taken the prime spot in front of the TV!!  He likes to interact with any animals who appear on the screen, but soon reverts to the prone position.

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